From the recording Pack of Viceroys

By John Lennon & Paul McCartney

JV - Drums, lead vocal, Piano
DM - Guitars, Bass, vocals

Recorded at Woolly Mammoth Studios, Waltham, MA
Engineered by David Minehan


Whoa, I
Whoa, I
I got a whole lot of things to tell her
When I get home

Come on, I’m on my way
Cause I’m a gonna see my baby today
I’ve got a whole lot of things I’ve gotta say to her

Repeat chorus

Come on, if you please
I’ve got no time for trivialities
I’ve got a girls who’s waiting home for me tonight

Repeat chorus

When I’m getting home tonight
I’m gonna hold her tight
I’m gonna love her till the cows come home
I bet I’ll love her more
Till I walk out that door again

Come on, let me through
I’ve got so many things I gotta do
I’ve got no business being here with you this way

Repeat chorus