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The Latest Album Release

Maximum rhythm and blues (and more!)

And speaking of About Funk in Time, it's available for sale and download at CDBaby.com as well as all the usual download and streaming sites .The record contains 13 tracks - 3 originals and the rest covers of some of my favorite soul, funk and R&B tracks.  The covers range from hits like Marvin Gaye's "Hitchhike" to obscure B sides like "She's So Good To Me" by Bobby Womack and performed first by Wilson Pickett.  These songs and this style of music have always moved me and made me happy and I've performed many of them over the years with various bands. This music is exciting and crosses so many boundaries so I'm hoping to find a new audience as well as please those like me who are already in love with it. Here's the album cover featuring me and some guy who's still very much a part of me!Add text

Dope springs eternal in the heart of a desperate man” - JV

— From the song "Dope Springs Eternal"

We had a great night on #BlackFunkin'Friday at The Backroom at The Burren for the formal album release party for About Funk in Time.  We had a 10 piece band with horns, singers, spoken word artist and a large, enthusiastic crowd which made for a great evening.   Check out some rockin' live video from the show

The Pack of Viceroys started out with me and my friend and bonafide rock star David Minehan recording some garage rock tunes that we both loved. It has morphed into an original studio project and we've been cranking out tunes - most recently Ms Vesoluvska which has gotten some significant airplay on Sirius/XM satellite radio Channel 21 Little Steven's Underground Garage.  Station DJ Palmyra Delran says,"I Love It!".  We've also released the B side, a cover of the great Willy DeVille tune Gunslinger. Both are streaming everywhere. Ms Vesoluvska has gotten on some popular Spotify playlists and did almost 10,000 streams in a one month period. Please check them out and add them to your own playlists if loud guitar rock is your thing.