Jerry Velona 

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 And speaking of About Funk in Time, it is now officially released and available for sale and download at CD Baby as well as all the download and streaming sites like Spotify, Apply Music, etc.  The record contains 13 tracks - 3 originals and the rest covers of some of my favorite soul, funk and R&B tracks.  The covers range from hits like Marvin Gaye's "Hitchhike" to obscure B sides like "She's So Good To Me" by Bobby Womack and performed first by Wilson Pickett.  These songs and this style of music have always moved me and made me happy and I've performed many of them over the years with various bands. This music is exciting and crosses so many boundaries so I'm hoping to find a new audience as well as (hopefully) please those like me who already are in love with it. Here's the album cover featuring me and some guy who's still very much a part of me!


Album Cover for About Funk in Time


Dope Springs Eternal is one of the three original tracks on About Funk in Time. After many years of watching my son Chris film and direct viral videos for everyone else, I finally got him to do one for me!  The song is about my quest for love and happiness in all things. It features a cameo from another Velona, my lovely daughter Nina who helps keep me sane.  Check it out below and if you like it, leave a comment and share it with someone. 


 We had a great night on #BlackFunkin'Friday at The Burren Backroom for the formal album release party for About Funk in Time.  We had a 10 piece band with horns, singers, spoken word artist and a large, enthusiastic crowd which made for a great evening.  Thanks to everyone who came and to all the musicians and singers who played and sang so well. Here are some shots from the evening both on and offstage.




Check out some live video from the Burren show!



The Joint Venture Band has been working regularly at our "home" at O'Leary's Pub in Brookline in addition to another cool club nearby The Ellis Room also in Brookline.  Click on the calendar in the banner above to see where our next gig will be.  Here's a clip from a recent Ellis Room gig featuring our good friend Debo Ray on vocals doing Zep's Immigrant Song. 



I'm very excited about releasing the new album.  The record features some of Boston's best musicians. Here are just a few of them from sessions at both Q Division in Somerville and Woolly Mammoth in Waltham.  We had a blast recording these songs.  I think it shows through in the music!

Musicians on About Funk in Time recording sessionMusicians at Recording SessionMusicians at Woolly Mammoth recording sessionGordon Beadle and Phil GrenadierSamantha and JVBertram Lehman and me

 Larry Luddecke and meJoe Musella, Tom Appleman and JVEd Scheer at Woolly MammothJV on drums  

 (top left - Duke Levine, JV, Dave Limina, Anthony Vitti. Top right - Jeff Galindo, JV, Walter Platt, Paul Ahlstrand. 2nd row left - JV, Tom Appleman, Dave Limina, David Minehan, Joe Musella. 2nd row right - Phil Grenadier, Gordon Beadle.  3rd row left - Samantha Jordan, JV. 3rd row right - Bertram Lehman, JV.  4th row left - Larry Luddecke, JV.  4th row right - Joe Musella, JV, Tom Appleman.  5th row left - Ed Scheer.  5th row right - JV.)


And here are some clips from the sessions from those not pictured above: Kevin Belz on guitar and Tim Archibald on bass.