Jerry Velona is a superb craftsman. He shows a striking versatility on his new album by moving easily from energized rock covers of the Long Ryders and Robbie Robertson to original songs with a Southern-style Memphis grit. The variety is entirely believable as Velona teams up with an all-star cast of Boston musicians such as Duke Levine, Billy Loosigian, and David Minehan. This is music for music's sake -- and Velona's honest spirit is refreshing and blissfully indifferent to trends.” - Steve Morse - former staff music critic at the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teaches a course in Rock History at Berklee College of Music
Jerry Velona Looking for Lewis and Clark What's sticking out in this video is the multiple slow-motion shots. From a woman dancing in a parking lot to keys falling on the floor- they're all over the place, but I feel like each one fits into the overall puzzle. Each gives a ton of detail, such as the spray from a dropped drink, or the grains of sand kicked off a pair of boots as they're dropped onto the beach.” - Max Bowen

— The Noise

“Jerry Velona once again proves his musical worth in a balls-to-the-wall cover version of the Long Ryders’ ‘Looking For Lewis & Clark’, a pounding yet melodic take which begs the question: where are the great and fearless leaders of the present day? Velona’s committed vocal and approach to the lyric may not provide a complete set of answers but oh Mercy, they frame the question so very, very well.”  S Griffin” - Sid Griffin, composer and band leader of The Long Ryders

— E Mail

Songwriter, singer, drummer Jerry Velona always manages to reinvent himself from album to album. In the past JV has revealed his prowess in the jazz realm, 1960's R&B and soul and standards from the Great American songbook. But in his latest offering, Love Radio, Velona rocks out with a vicious rock & roll sentiment that's reminiscent of well produced 70's/80's  radio rock (hence the album title Love Radio). Enlisting a bevy of well known local players along with Velona leading the troops on drums and lead vocals, JV hits it way, way out of Fenway on Love Radio. Outstanding! Top 5 album - January 2015.” - Doug Sloane

— Metronome Magazine

JERRY VELONA Love Radio                                   9 tracks This album is rich and flavorful like a meaty stew with tastes that cross multiple palettes. “Our Own Devices” has a jazzed-up light rock sound that brings me back to my childhood as I listened to the radio on the long drives to Salem. “Just Don’t Feel Like Christmas” is more mellow, somber, and thoughtful, and it hits all the right emotional chords as he tells a tale of love lost around the holidays. “The Ghetto (Ain’t Going Back)” features the elegant vocal work of Debbie Pierre and J Ivy, who adds another layer of talent to this already impressive album. “Looking for Lewis and Clark” is a fine, intense rock homage to a Sid Griffin classic. Jerry’s vocal work is powerful, and the varied instrumentation creates a great tapestry to work on. All in all, a wide array of styles make the most out this album.             ” - Max Bowen

The Noise - Boston