JERRY VELONAKarunabird RecordsLittle Loaded2 tracks This teaser from Jerry Velona does exactly what it sets out to do: it makes me want to hear more. The first track is a cover of the Beatles’ “Little Child,” and while it stays true to that band’s melodic sensibilities, Velona adds enough of a gritty twang to put his own stamp on the song. The second track is the original “Locked Out and Loaded.” It has a similar feel to the cover, but feels a little more lived in. These two songs are a nice mix of rough and melodic. Hopefully, Velona has a few more of these up his sleeve. (Kevin Finn) ” - Kevin Finn

The Noise

Who doesn't love The Beatles song "Little Child" especially when its done as well as Jerry Velona does it. But with a lineup like Duke Levine, Zac Casher, Larry Luddecke, Rosy Rosenblatt and Anthony Vitti, you wouldn't expect anything less. The Velona penned "Locked Out and Loaded" weighs in just as heavily. Good stuff” - Brian Owens

— Metronome Magazine