From the recording It's Just as Well


Well, people today, tell me it’s good to say, what’s on my mind
But believe me, you don’t wanna’ know
Don’t say I didn’t warn you cause I told you so
You’re such a drag – I can’t take it
I’m not aroused – guess I gotta’ fake it
It’s just as well you can’t tell what goes on in my head
Well there’s a guy named Rufus, works in my office; ain’t that a shame…
He’s the boss’s son and his work is never done
He thinks I’ll never tell cause he knows me too well
Blind luck – got him hired
If there’s justice, he’ll get fired
It’s just as well, he can’t tell what goes on in my head
They say discretion is the grease for the gears of the social engine
Well I guess that’s true, but there’s a few things I’d like to mention…
Still livin’ with his parents – ain’t that pathetic
She’s too skinny – and takin’ di-ur-etics
It’s just as well they can’t tell what’s pokin’ round in my head
Some say  it’s therapeutic to be perfectly frank
But if you’re too up-front, you better watch your back
So I keep it under wraps ma’am but here are the facts
Your kid ain’t cute – he’s annoying
My favorite suit – he’s destroying
It’s just as well…
The way you dress – it’s atrocious
I must confess -  but I won’t cause
It’s just as well; I do believe it
It’s just as well; I’ll never tell
It’s just as well you can’t tell what goes in my head
Copyright 2007 Jerry Velona  All Rights Reserved
Christopher Robin Music BMI