From the recording The Ghetto (ain't going back)

Obviously influenced and an homage to the great Donny Hathaway and his tune "Ghetto" released in the 1970's. I added lyrics and rearranged the tune while keeping the original groove and vibe. Features spoken word artist J Ivy out of New York by way of Chicago added the rap section
Debbie Pierre - lead vocal
J Ivy - spoken word
Kevin Belz - guitar
Marty Richards - drums
Dave Limina - Wurlitzer piano and Hammond Organ
Anthony Vitti - bass
Bertram Lehman - percussion
Sarita Uranowsky - violin
Ro Rowan - cello
Jerry Velona - background vocals and low vocal
Sean Cahalin - background vocals


Maya was born in a town without pity – longed to be free from the bonds of the city
Working and saving what’s left of her wages
Dreaming of somedays; digesting the pages of the books she reads; two at a time
Far away…..
She’s gonna fly. Maya go fly
Tye waits on tables till the midnight hour
Doubles his efforts when things go sour
Notices the rainbow instead of the rain
Workin’ on skills past the point of the pain that he feels inside, wasting no time
Far away…..
He’s gonna fly. Tye gonna fly.
I ain’t going back to
The Ghetto
Ain’t going back no more
No, you ain’t doin’ what you wanna do
You’re doing what you’re supposed do
And you’re doin’ it well