1. Post Dated

From the recording Random Emotion


Fare thee well Miss 69
Say goodbye Mister 2 at a time
All things in moderation
Fiber on the brain; drivin’ me insane
End of trail; check’s in the mail
Can’t stop ‘cause I’m good to the last drop
Everything but lust is constipated
I’m post dated - frustrated
Post dated and I don’t wanna’ be       
Au revoir to the extra cheese
Sayanora to the life I please
Said it before but I’ll say it again and
Again and again and again and again
Run off the road; forgot my code
Came prepared; see the scars that I’ve bared
Simple starts seem to end so complicated
I’m frustrated – post dated
Post dated and I don’t wanna’ be       
No I ain’t gonna’ be
C 2008 Jerry Velona  All Rights Reserved
Christopher Robin Music BMI