1. Speedo Perdido

From the recording Speedo Perdido

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Recorded and mixed at Woolly Mammoth Sound, Waltham, MA. David Minehan engineer. Music composed by Juan Tizol. Lyrics written by Jerry Velona. Vocal & Drums - Jerry Velona. Percussion - Bertram Lehman. Bass - Oscar Stagnaro. Piano and chart - Tim Ray. Arranged & Produced by Jerry Velona & David Minehan. Special Guest vocalist - Debo Ray.


My Speedo
I feel pretty neat in my Speedo
It’s good for an old guy’s libido
When I’m slippin on my Speedo

My Speedo
They laughed at me back in Oswego
But now I’m a flyboy in Rio
So let the fiesta begin

So smooth, like a dolphin I feel so sleek
Cool and exposed you can take a peek at

My Speedo
I’m killing it here on the lido
My package feels like a burrito so
Let the fiesta begin

Instrumental breaks

High was the sun when I hit the beach
Low was the tan line the moon could reach from

My Speedo
A wave came and now it’s perdido
Me siento desnudo y libre
So let the fiesta begin

Copyright 2020 Jerry Velona- all rights reserved