From the recording Wishful Intuition


I’m parked at the curb and she walks beside
Then runs up the stairs, just an urban passerby
Now she's gone and high above me
But I bet you she could love me
How do I know?
Wishful intuition
I think I’m in love; at least twice a day
Alone in the crowd and dreaming this way
When my ̓baby left it hurt me
But that feeling will desert me
How can I tell? 
My wishful intuition
If I could say what’s on my mind
They would accept my proposition
And baby I’d make that happen
If only I could shed this naked inhibition
Eating alone; you ask if I’m through
Taking my plates and my heart as you do
How did you know for certain
Just how badly I was hurtin’
Must have been, your wishful intuition
Now desert will follow dinner
Kinda’ thought that I could win her
Just my wishful intuition
© Jerry Velona – 2012 all rights reserved