From the recording Just Don't Feel Like Christmas

Christmas isn't always such a merry time.
Jerry Velona - vocal and drums
Duke Levine - guitar
Tom West - Hammond Organ
Paul Ahlstrand - tenor and bari sax
Phil Grenadier - trumpet
(horn arrangement by Paul Ahlstrand)
Recorded at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA.  Engineered and mixed by Sean Cahalin
Mastered by Bill Bromfield, Clockwise Records, Nashville


Silent night - I'm out walkin'                                    
Couldn't sleep - so I'm talkin’                                  
To myself, cause you're not here
Just don’t feel like Christmas this year
Decks and halls, they are empty
No one’s comin' down the chimney.
Tonight, can't find no cheer
Just not feelin’ Christmas this year
I remember last year by the fire.
Was tellin’ my stories - I'm such a liar.
You loved me then in spite of myself.
Now I can't get that feeling from anyone else
Air is cold. Ice is glistening
I'd say I'm sorry but no one is listening
Merry lights blurred tonight through a tear
Just don't feel like Christmas this year
Tis no season, without you here
Just don’t feel like Christmas
© 2014 Jerry Velona – All Rights Reserved