From the recording Love Radio


The Bureau of Whatever

Off my meds, fell out of bed

Out of work since Russia was red

Holes in my socks, allergic to clocks

Spent the rent; a hundred per cent

Hey…..I’m running late for my date at the Bureau

Some Day…..I’m gonna make ‘em real proud

Over at the Bureau, they’re feeling my pain

All the free-thinkers sing the same refrain

They’re so clever at the Bureau of Whatever

My jacket of leather, offended Heather

Assistant to the Deputy Compliance Director

Heather says pleather will feel much better

She’s never wrong in that tight white sweater

Hey…..they love the guys like me at the Bureau

Yeah… we know how to make ‘em feel good

We can be all they want us to be

Putty for the smokin’ hot PhD’s

They’re so clever at the Bureau of Whatever

(Instrumental Bridge) – Freeeeeeeeeeee,

Dressed up for my first date with Heather

She told me that we need to work together

Put me on the couch and we got down to it

Told her some stuff but she already knew it

Hey….Sometimes I think about the good old days

No…. The Bureau says they weren’t so good

Together with Heather and I’m never alone

She gives me sweet direction in that NPR tone

Best friends forever at the Bureau of Whatever

They’re so clever at the Bureau of Whatever

The Bureau of Whatever

Doesn’t get much better

At the Bureau of Whatever


© Jerry Velona 2012 – All Rights Reserved