1. Some People

From the recording Random Emotion


Some People
Dead silence, at the table
Sizes you up as he chews on his bread
Really thought, he had some manners
Didn’t want to hear all those things he said
He’ll come around, you once supposed
Fantasy ends with a punch in the nose
He never listened to the song of his mother
Some people are just better than others
That smile; they all love it
Charms a thousand hopefuls with his brand new way
Bright eyes, but dark circles
Poison in your chocolate milk and have a nice day
Thought that we’d learned, trust must be earned
Everything’s cool, then they take you to school
It would be swell if we could all be brothers but
Some people…Are better than others
Strange man, ‘round the corner
Swept up by an insane tide
Heart pounds, careful where you wander
His belt is ticking suicide
Greek chorus sings, give peace a chance
But if your partner ain’t willin’; there ain’t no dance
Maybe someday we can live together but then,
Some people….
It would be nice to trust all of our brothers but then,
Some people…Are better than others
Some people
Some people, are better than others
C Jerry Velona 2009 All Rights Reserved
Christopher Robin Music BMI