From the recording Love Radio


Our Own Devices

We would talk, way back when
We were special, now we’re them
Text me if you think that’s true
And what your advice is
You got yours.  I got mine
We’re plugged in all the time
It’s fine.   We’re left to our own devices
At the club, it’s a scene
We sit gazing at little screens
Splendid isolation comes with high prices
You got yours.  I got mine
We’re plugged in.  All the time
On line - we’re left to our own devices
Wavin’ my arms, tryin’ to get a reaction
You press Send after a while
Flashin’ me, that devil smile
What’s this picture, on my phone?
Oh baby – let’s get goin’
Honey I like your plan to crack our digital crisis
Your photo very clearly shows you’ve got some other devices
Let it ring.  We’re not done
Makin’ noise like the blast of a shotgun
Real good time.  We’re cookin’ up our own surprises
Back live - we’re playin’ with our other devices
Yeah, Devices   Playin’ with those love devices
Devices.     Playin’ with those other devices
Devices.  Playin with those love devices
©Jerry Velona 2013 All Rights Reserved