From the recording Random Emotion


Never Satisfied
Starin’ far away, on a beautiful day,
Dreamin’ my drive away
The sun on my knees, carressed by the breeze
A ragtop matinee
Between the white lines,
Wishin’ I could revel in the moment
Swirling in my blender brain
Is a kind of existential rain
Keeps me goin’, can’t complain
Pushing me to do
I can’t enjoy the ride
I’m never satisfied
I smile; but I lie
I’m never satisfied
Why do you try so hard       
When half a loaf will feed the masses?
Lying in bed – at half-past dread
It’s time to rise
Maybe you’re dry;  frustrated by time
It’s hard to figure
Never ending thrills to seek but
Falling short of Sinai’s peak
Most excuses, pretty weak
Here we go again
Because I, can’t enjoy the ride
I’m never satisfied
I just drive; just drive
I’m never satisfied
Just give me one more try,
I swear I’ll figure it out
I’ll run an alternate route
Is this life or a live audition?
Please don’t judge me on my last submission
C 2008 Jerry Velona – All Rights Rserved
Christopher Robin Music BMI