Random Emotion News

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post some news about the CD. Sales are moving along and I'm hopeful they will take off after the release gig this Saturday.

The video for Leave Me Alone is now posted on Vimeo as well as youtube. The Vimeo version is in high definition. Thanks to Sid Selvaraj and the crew for getting that up there. The video continues to get hit on almost a daily basis. As of this writing there have been well over 1,200 viewings on youtube. The song resonates with alot of people these days which is gratifying.

Some notable fans have been Chip Ford and Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation - a great group of which I've been a member for many years - who sent the link out to their members. I also had a posting on an Italian free market blog from an outfit called Instituto Bruno Leone. One of their members, Alberto Mingardi wrote an op ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about attempts in Italy to ban smoking in cars (I kid you not). I sent him the link to the video and he loved it and posted it and spread it around to their membership. The only problem is I wouldn't play in Italy if I couldn't smoke in my own damn car!

Random Emotion was selected one of the Top 5 CD's for February in Metronome Magazine. The review is posted elsewhere on this site. They loved the CD and did an interview with me which will be published in the April edition along with a cover picture. I'll be sure to put that up on the site when it comes out. Metronome is a free magazine published in Massachusetts and is available at places like Newbury Comics and Guitar Center and other music-type places. It's not available on line - only in print.

The upcoming gig at Sally O'Brien's should be a blast and I hope to see you all there. We'll be doing most of the tunes from the CD as well as a set of classic funk/soul/rock covers by the likes of Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Marvin Gaye and more. A rump-shakin' good time!

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