We did this video for my cover of the great tune "Looking for Lewis and Clark" written by Sid Griffin and recorded by the Long Ryders in the mid 80's.  I always loved the tune.   The idea and script for the video was mostly from Sara Robin, who at the time was in her last year of graduate studies at BU Film school.  Sarah teamed up with a bunch of her classmates and we filmed this over four days in Boston, Randolph, at Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham, MA and in Truro, MA on Cape Cod. Sara directed and edited it.  The tune was the lead track on my 2014 release Love Radio.  Sid Griffin was very supportive and loved our version of the song. You can see his comments in the Press section of the site. 


This video was for my cover of  If You Stub Your Toe on the Moon, a beautiful song written in the late 1940's by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke.  It was included in my 2012 release Dream Girl.  Two of my favorites, Nat Cole and Frank Sinatra recorded this. It has that simple sweetness and charm which characterizes so many songs of that era.  I mostly came up with the concept and story board for this one and it was filmed and directed ably by Ginny Riley who was also a student at BU film school (a pattern develops!). Ginny also added a number of her own ideas to the project.  We filmed this over a few days at Elite Envelope and Graphics in Randolph, MA, and two locations in Arlington, MA.  The band shot was done at Q Division studios in Somerville, MA which is where we recorded the tune.  The musicians who played on the recording were all featured in the video. This video was truly a family affair!


This was my first music video done back in 2009 for the lead track on my first full-length album Random Emotion. The track, Leave Me Alone was written to express my aversion to statism and excessive rule-making in general. I've always had an aversion to being told what to do!  Anyway, we put this together in a couple of days in and around my house in Arlington, MA.  Some of the musicians who played on the track are featured in the video band.  This was my first experience with BU film school grad students.  I was hooked up through Professor Sam Kaufman who recommended some of his best students. This one was filmed and directed by Andrew Kightlinger, Scott Lovejoy and asissted by Sid Selveraj and Kenice Mobley.  The story line was mostly my idea.  This video got some traction in Libertarian circles including an anti-anti-smoking group in NYC as well as a free-market think tank in Italy. If it looks like we're having a good time, well, we were!  Here's to freedom and being left alone!

 I happen to be a huge sports fan - especially the Boston teams (mad respect for other teams though - just not if they're playing Boston- haha). In 2013, the Red Sox were on a major roll on their way to a World Series win. One of the keys to their success was Koji Uehara who was pretty much unhittable during their run.  Anyway, when I would watch the games and he would come in to pitch I started saying "Uuuueeeee" and it reminded me of the chorus of the l950's song Sea Cruise by Frankie Ford.   So I threw together some lyrics and brought some of my peeps over to Straight Up Music in Arlington, MA where I've recorded many of my original tunes.  We did a quick and dirty cover of the tune and sent it to the local sports radio stations.  At the same time, my talented son Chris Velona who is in the film business threw together this video with publicly available clips.  Well, the whole thing blew up. We got huge airplay on sports radio as well as on the Red Sox radio and TV broadcast stations. Koji heard the tune and liked it and tweeted out the link. The video went viral and at present there are something like 222,000 views. Lotsa Sox fans all over the world - and Koji fans too.  I was interviewed by the Tokyo Broadcasting company and they filmed me singing the song outside Fenway on the night the Sox clinched.  It was a fun little ride. You can view some of the clips and articles in the Press section on this site.  Go Sox!

 After the release of Love Radio, I was invited to perform accoustic versions of some of the songs on 91.5 FM WMFO in Medford, MA. i was joined by Richard Gates and Billy Loosigian who played on the studio version of my song When I Wake Up. Filmed with my I Phone camera by my daughter Nina.



Here's a live performance by an earlier version of the Joint Venture Band performing a cover of the classic Barefootin' by Carl Perkins and recorded by so many.  Filmed by John Galvin at Sally O'Brien's in Somerville,MA  Tony Sarno guitar, Anthony Vitti bass, Marty Richards drums, Larry Luddecke piano, Paul Ahlstrand and Mario Perett on tenor saxophones. 



Here's a later, more stripped down version of the Joint Venture Band playing our version of the Don Covay classic Sookie Sookie.  Joe Musella on guitar and Tom Appleman on bass. 



Here's the same Joint Venture trio doing our version of the tune Ronnie's Bonnie by Reuben Wilson.  



The Joint Venture Band doing a version of the Robert Johnson tune Stop Breaking Down.  Pretty much a cover of the Rolling Stones version of this tune from the Exile on Main Street album.  Same personnel as listed above on Barefootin with a guest appearance from Rosy Rosenblatt playing a rippin' harp solo.  Nice guitar solo from Tony Sarno on this one too.




Here's one from a basement rehearsal. Filmed by Kellen Ryan.  We're doing a cover of You Don't Know Me - a tune I've performed for many years with a variety of bands.  It will also be on my album About Funk in Time to be released on 2018.  It's the the Joint Venture Trio with Larry Luddecke on piano.


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