Random Emotion

Talk to the Ossifer

Jerry Velona
Music and Lyrics by JV


Starin’ down the barrel of an empty soldier

Empty bar, TV drones, local news

His boy blue slouches at the next stool over

Sully checks his watch, looks down at his shoes, and he said,


“Son, one time I was just like you

Now that I’m older, Budweiser can help me to, share a little piece of advice with you”


You gotta’ talk to the Ossifer.

Tell him what you know.

When he slaps on the cuffs

You better move right along, Buddy

They always called me Buddy

But I wanna’ be your pal - for now


Buddy learns his lessons from other sources

Most time spent with a cheap sensation

Smirks at the prospect of his Daddy’s courses

Don’t expect too much from a casual relation


Sully leaves a trophy at most every station

Hollow eyes follow him around each town

Soldiers of the new Lost Generation

Check your local listings, they’ll be comin’ around


‘Cause when Sully was born, he was in the same boat

Now it’s his turn, to keep it afloat

But the chances of that, seem a bit remote


You got to talk to the Ossifer

Don’t tell him where to go

When you get in the car, make sure you put your head down,  Buddy

They always call you Buddy


You got to talk to the Ossifer

Tell him what you know

When the going gets tough, you got to use your best stuff now Buddy

You always were my Buddy

When your momma was young, man the feelin’ was strong my Buddy

I tried to be your buddy

Well you better be strong, cause I got to move on now Buddy

It’s good to see my buddy         


Copyright 2007 Jerry Velona – all rights reserved

Christopher Robin Music BMI

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