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Jerry Velona: Photos

Koji On The Mound song and video

Wish I'd have remembered to put out a tip jar...
Just strummin' my guitar next to the weird Red Sox man.
What a great night. Lots of buzz and energy on Yawkey Way!
He got a nice close up of my chin.
Interviewer for the TBS spot. He asked me about a hair transfer.
Taken by Hideki Okuna of Sports Nippon. This was the photo he used in the article he did on the song. Also was the cover of the MP3 for tune.
They must be filming someone jumping off the roof at Fenway
Playing outside Fenway Park 11/1/13. Captured by WBUR. Being filmed by Tokyo Broadcasting System
"So tell me Jerry, why do they banish you to the basement"?
Japanese Film crew coming over the house for an interview

Dream Girl photo shoot

Tye getting in character for his start turn as Young Harry Hadgetts (loved making gadgets)
Setting up a shot for the Stub Your Toe video at Elite Envelope. Ginny Riley - producer and me
Standing in the backyard on a very high static electricity day apparently
A dune in Truro - October 2012
Taken in Q Division during recording of Stub Your Toe on the Moon video - actually a still taken from the video shoot
Cover for Dream Girl CD released October 2012

Little Loaded photo shoot

CD Cover - taken in the back yard by my talented DP son Chris
This got 2nd place in the CD cover photo competition. Photo by Chris Velona before he ran back to NY. Not bad for an on-the-fly shoot.
Locked Out and Loaded - this pretty much sums it up. Tequila and oatmeal - breakfast of champions
Sepia toned
I need to relax. The garden gnome bottom left has the right idea.

Random Emotion photo shoot

CD Cover and back panel
So when does this place open fer Chrissake...
forsythia makes practicing so much easier...
maybe if I leave my case open, someone will throw in a dollar...
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