The Joint Venture Band
The Joint Venture Band




Mozart my friend,

It’s been a while since I saw you sittin’ pretty

Nose in the air, fur everywhere

Once a country bunny now you’re headin’ for the city


Mozart you tend,

To start your dancin’ from the time the sun is rising

You make me smile, actin’ all wild and free


Baby you’re up to your ears in style

I’d sure love to tag along if you’ve got some time

I’ve never met a body who was so much fun

 You big-footed, hay-chewin’ son of a gun


Mozart, my friend,

I’ve seen you hiding in the dark when you can find it

Come out with me; maybe you’ll see

No one’s out to get’cha; they’ll be happy just to pet’cha


Mozart my friend

So good to see you back and hoppin’ at the party

We’ll prove ‘em wrong, Mozart my friend and me –



©2009 Jerry Velona All Rights Reserved

Christopher Robin Music  BMI

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