Dream Girl (feat. Jerry Velona)

Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona



Dream Girl – sits on a swing

Howls at the moon – writes her own tune

Dying to be loved in her dream world


Small child – innocence squared

Talks to the trees – smiles at the breeze

Used to love to watch you, while you dreamed girl


Like a closed up tulip waiting for its moment

Buttoned down, aroused, trying not to show it

Dream girl, we’re two of a kind

Take my hand and we’ll walk the plank together


Lean girl, gave me the means

You were the one, at least that’s how it seemed

A lonely apparition in my day’s dream


Who knows what might be?

Maybe this time, I’ll find the perfect rhyme

A mother of invention to my dream world

We can dream together in the real world


© Jerry Velona 2007  Christopher Robin Music BMI

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