Don't Mean Squat

Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona


Don’t Mean Squat


They say that virtue is it’s own reward

I think there’s something to that

But when it comes right down to it

If you’re alone in the woods bein’ good, does anybody hear?

Gotta’ have someone to love

Sorry, Johnny Cochran but it fits like a glove

Should I skip the feast?

I ain’t no priest


Cause I tell you what: it don’t mean squat

If you wanna’ live  without a warm embrace,

a lovestruck look on a pretty face

Yeah, it won’t mean squat


Nice goin’; you sealed the deal

Bought a second condo and an automobile

But when it comes right down to it

Chasin’ gold gets old and what you buy is gone the day you die

Yeah, you’re puttin’ in overtime

Racing toward the finish but they pushin’ back the line

You’re pretty slick; but you missed a trick


Cause I tell you what:  the man who’s got

A beautiful child to hold his hand

Is enjoyin’ the view from a higher land…(looks good!)


Never understood why it’s so good

To keep real busy so the time will pass

Y’know, time will pass fast anyway

So you might as well enjoy today

Gone tomorrow, like they say



The thing about life, is it’s your chance to live

Better stop your bitchin’ cause you get what you give

But when it get’s right down to it

If you’re reaching the end, you better hope you’ve got a real good friend

The person who makes you grin

Doesn’t really matter if your ship came in

What’s it all about? There ain’t no doubt


I tell you what:  it don’t mean squat

Ain’t no good without someone to hold

Who brings you the heat when life gets cold

No it don’t mean squat


It don’t mean nothin’


When it comes right down to it

You better make some love

Or it don’t mean squat


Hope you make lots of money

So you can leave it to somebody.






C 2008 Jerry Velona – All Rights Reserved

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