Baby What'cha Got (For Me)

Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona


Baby Whatcha Got for Me

Every Man needs a good woman

To stand right by his side

When I found you baby

I thought I had mine


But now the word is all over town

That you were running around

I wanna know baby

Whatcha got for me beside a broken heart

What have you got beside a broken heart?


I bought you a diamond ring

Fancy clothes and all sorts of things

I put all my trust in you

I didn’t believe the talk I heard was true

Then I saw you for myself

Running around with somebody else

Now I want you to tell me baby

Whatcha got for me besides a broken heart

What you got besides a broken heart baby


I don’t want it, I don’t need it

I don’t a want a broken heart

All I want is a simple life

With love and happiness for the rest of my life

But I can’t seem to get it across to you

So I guess I’ll go on my way

Because baby all you’ve got for me is a broken heart

And I don’t need it – no baby

Whatcha got for me besides a broken heart now?

I don’t need it, don’t want it

I don’t need a broken heart baby

Don’t need it – don’t want it


Songwriter: J.J. Barnes

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