Random Emotion

by Jerry Velona

Released 2009
Karunabird Records
Released 2009
Karunabird Records
A deliciously eclectic blend of styles from classic soul, rock, blues, country, jazz and folk, tied together with artful lyrics and the arresting vocals of Jerry Velona.
  • 04:08 Lyrics Leave Me Alone

    Leave Me Alone


    Since when has it become, a problem to have some fun?

    Breakin’ some law by drinkin’ a beer

    Just mindin’ my business; y’all got nothin’ to fear


    Never felt kindly toward some busybody

    Givin’ me a load o’ crap  about something or other

    they don’t like that I’ve done

    That ain’t no fun


    One man’s addiction is another’s redemption

    Liberty’s lost while no one’s payin’ attention

    Let me go home and leave me alone


    Leave me alone to go astray

    It ain’t your damn business, by the way

    You ain’t takin’ care of me, as far as I can see

    Keep your distance; I’m a man

    Let me be for good or bad

    Thought this was the home of the brave?

    Leave me alone; just go away.



    Just wanna’ have a good time; shouldn’t be no big crime

    Think I’ll light up a smoke; try not to choke

    Thought I had a license that you couldn’t revoke


    One of these days  we gotta’ stand up strong,

    start a revolution and right all the things that went wrong

    In the meantime, I’m gonna’ sing my song


    Sick of sayin’ sorry just to get laid

    Ain’t gonna put on a helmet, or stay in the shade

    This is my home so leave me alone


    Leave me alone to go astray

    It ain’t your damn business, by the way

    I was gettin’ by just fine; till you came and drew the line

    I’ll decide what’s best for me

    Keep your distance, let me be

    Thought this was the home of the brave?

    Leave me alone and go away

    We’ll all die of something; someday

    Leave me alone; just go away



    Copyright 2008 – Jerry Velona 

    All Rights Reserved

    Christopher Robin Music  BMI

  • 05:45 Lyrics Talk to the Ossifer

    Talk to the Ossifer


    Starin’ down the barrel of an empty soldier

    Empty bar, TV drones, local news

    His boy blue slouches at the next stool over

    Sully checks his watch, looks down at his shoes, and he said,


    “Son, one time I was just like you

    Now that I’m older, Budweiser can help me to,

    Share a little piece of advice with you”


    You gotta’ talk to the Ossifer. Tell him what you know.

    When he slaps on the cuffs

    You better move right along, Buddy

    They always called me Buddy

    But I wanna’ be your pal - for now


    Buddy learns his lessons from other sources

    Most time spent with a cheap sensation

    Smirks at the prospect of his Daddy’s courses

    Don’t expect too much from a casual relation


    Sully leaves a trophy at most every station

    Hollow eyes follow him around each town,

    Soldiers of the new Lost Generation

    Check your local listings, they’ll be comin’ around


    ‘Cause when Sully was born, he was in the same boat

    Now it’s his turn, to keep it afloat

    But the chances of that, seem a bit remote


    You got to talk to the Ossifer, Don’t tell him where to go

    When you get in the car, make sure you put your head down,  Buddy

    They always call you Buddy


    You got to talk to the Ossifer. Tell him what you know

    When the going gets tough, you got to use your best stuff now Buddy

    You always were my Buddy

    When your momma was young, man the feelin’ was strong my Buddy

    I tried to be your buddy

    Well you better be strong, cause I got to move on now Buddy

    It’s good to see my buddy           


    C 2007 Jerry Velona – all rights reserved

    Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 05:54 Lyrics Never Satisfied

    Never Satisfied

    Starin’ far away, on a beautiful day,

    Dreamin’ my drive away

    The sun on my knees, carressed by the breeze

    A ragtop matinee


    Between the white lines,

    Wishin’ I could revel in the moment


    Swirling in my blender brain

    Is a kind of existential rain

    Keeps me goin’, can’t complain

    Pushing me to do


    I can’t enjoy the ride

    I’m never satisfied

    I smile; but I lie

    I’m never satisfied


    Why do you try so hard       

    When half a loaf will feed the masses?

    Lying in bed – at half-past dread

    It’s time to rise


    Maybe you’re dry;  frustrated by time

    It’s hard to figure


    Never ending thrills to seek but

    Falling short of Sinai’s peak

    Most excuses, pretty weak

    Here we go again



    Because I, can’t enjoy the ride

    I’m never satisfied

    I just drive; just drive

    I’m never satisfied


    Just give me one more try,

    I swear I’ll figure it out

    I’ll run an alternate route

    Is this life or a live audition?

    Please don’t judge me on my last submission






    C 2008 Jerry Velona – All Rights Rserved

    Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 03:38 Lyrics It's Just as Well

    It’s Just as Well

    Well, people today, tell me it’s good to say, what’s on my mind

    But believe me, she don’t wanna’ know

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you cause I told you so

    She's such a drag – I can’t take it

    I’m not aroused – guess I gotta’ fake it

    It’s just as well she can’t tell what goes on in my head


    Well there’s a guy named Rufus, works in my office; ain’t that a shame…

    He’s the boss’s son and his work is never done

    He thinks I’ll never tell cause he knows me too well

    Blind luck – got him hired. If there’s justice, he’ll get fired

    It’s just as well, he can’t tell what goes on in my head


    They say discretion is the grease for the gears of the social engine

    Well I guess that’s true, but there’s a few things I’d like to mention…

    Still livin’ with his parents – ain’t that pathetic

    She’s too skinny – and takin’ di-ur-etics

    It’s just as well they can’t tell what’s pokin’ round in my head


    Some say it’s therapeutic to be perfectly frank

    But if you’re too up-front, you better watch your back

    So I keep it under wraps ma’am but here are the facts

    Your kid ain’t cute – he’s annoying

    My favorite suit – he’s destroying. It’s just as well…


    The way you dress – it’s atrocious

    I must confess -  but I won’t cause

    It’s just as well; I do believe it, It’s just as well; I’ll never tell

    It’s just as well you can’t tell what goes in my head


    C 2007 Jerry Velona -  Christopher Robin Music BMi

  • 03:53 Lyrics Miss Understood

    Miss Understood

    They say to take it real slow and she’ll be ready to go

    Man, I gotta’ write that down

    I’m always lookin’ for clues with the ingenues

    Not exactly Mr. Uptown


    Wish I could tell ‘em just how I feel

    Never seems to come out right

    But then I stumbled on the one that was real

    Didn’t even have to try

    She gets the man inside – she’s my


    Miss Understood

    Reads me like a book that she can’t put down

    Miss Understood

    Think I’ll lay a little kiss on my pretty miss…


    All the fine girls they were passin’ me by

    Like tofu at a barbeque

    I was droolin’ like a fool at the talent pool

    Till I finally found you


    When we’re walkin’ together nuf’ said

    You know just what I’m thinkin’

    My body language makes the point instead

    Don’t have to tell you why

    That’s why I call you my


    Miss Understood

    No need for conversation when it feels this good

    Miss Understood

    Every man needs a woman like my pretty Miss Understood


    In the evenin’ when we’re foolin’ around

    We’re laughin’ like we’re back in school

    It’s elementary when we get down, oh yeah…


    Miss Understood

    Reads me like a book that she can’t put down

    Miss Understood

    Think I’ll lay a little kiss on my pretty miss


    Miss Understood

    This is takin’ getting’ lucky to a whole new level

    Miss Understood

    Every man needs a woman like my pretty Miss Understood


    Miss Understood

    Talkin’s overrated when it feels this good

    Miss Understood

    Yeah, s’cuse me while I lay some kisses on the missus


    Copyright Jerry Velona 2008  - All Rights Reserved –

    Christopher Robin Music - BMI

  • 03:22 Lyrics Dream Girl

    Dream Girl – sits on a swing

    Howls at the moon – writes her own tune

    Dying to be loved in her dream world


    Small child – innocence squared

    Talks to the trees – smiles at the breeze

    Used to love to watch you, while you dreamed girl


    Like a closed up tulip waiting for its moment

    Buttoned down, aroused, trying not to show it

    Dream girl, we’re two of a kind

    Take my hand and we’ll walk the plank together


    Lean girl, gave me the means

    You were the one, at least that’s how it seemed

    A lonely apparition in my day’s dream


    Who knows what might be?

    Maybe this time, I’ll find the perfect rhyme

    A mother of invention to my dream world

    We can dream together in the real world


    © Jerry Velona 2007  Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 04:12 Lyrics Undercover Appetite

    Undercover Appetite


    Born the kind of person that seemed so strange;

    the one that everybody wanted to change

    Lots of quirks; nature smirked;

    Straightened out but it’s not what I’m about


    Wheelin’ and Dealin’, hangin’ from the ceiling

    Gettin’ what I need to feed the greed for one more bite

    For my undercover appetite


    How many years does a fella’ have to spend

    Suckin’ on a straw to cool a thirst with no end?

    Struggle to rise like bread without yeast

    Wishin’ everyone could see the nature of the beast.


    Take a good look but don’t jump to conclusions

    It might be an illusion

    What’s the matter with the guy behind the tie?

    Get out of the way, he’s gonna’ tip the buffet


    Tell me I can’t have it, makes me wanna grab it

    Feeding on the fringe, always been a habit

    Wheelin and Dealin’ hangin’ from the ceiling

    Gettin’ what I need to feed the greed for one more bite

    For my undercover appetite


    Mired with desire, I need a tow

    Life’s a cliché, when you go with the flow

    You can ride shotgun, it’s more fun in the back

    It’s where you wanna’ be when you break from the pack


    Tell me I can’t have it, man I wanna’ grab it

    Feeding on the fringe, my camouflaged habit

    Wheelin’ and Dealin’, hangin’ from the ceilin’

    Heavy on the spices till the brew tastes alright

    For my undercover appetite


    C Jerry Velona 2007, Christopher Robin Music/BMI – all rights reserved

  • 03:52 Lyrics Post Dated



    Fare thee well Miss 69

    Say goodbye Mister 2 at a time

    All things in moderation

    Fiber on the brain; drivin’ me insane


    End of trail; check’s in the mail

    Can’t stop ‘cause I’m good to the last drop

    Everything but lust is constipated


    I’m post dated - frustrated

    Post dated and I don’t wanna’ be       


    Au revoir to the extra cheese

    Sayanora to the life I please

    Said it before but I’ll say it again and

    Again and again and again and again


    Run off the road; forgot my code

    Came prepared; see the scars that I’ve bared

    Simple starts seem to end so complicated


    I’m frustrated – post dated

    Post dated and I don’t wanna’ be       

    No I ain’t gonna’ be



    C 2008 Jerry Velona  All Rights Reserved

    Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 05:00 Lyrics Some People

    Some People


    Dead silence, at the table

    Sizes you up as he chews on his bread

    Really thought, he had some manners

    Didn’t want to hear all those things he said


    He’ll come around, you once supposed

    Fantasy ends with a punch in the nose

    He never listened to the song of his mother

    Some people are just better than others


    That smile; they all love it

    Charms a thousand hopefuls with his brand new way

    Bright eyes, but dark circles

    Poison in your chocolate milk and have a nice day


    Thought that we’d learned, trust must be earned

    Everything’s cool, then they take you to school

    It would be swell if we could all be brothers but

    Some people…Are better than others


    Strange man, ‘round the corner

    Swept up by an insane tide

    Heart pounds, careful where you wander

    His belt is ticking suicide


    Greek chorus sings, give peace a chance

    But if your partner ain’t willin’; there ain’t no dance

    Maybe someday we can live together but then,

    Some people….

    It would be nice to trust all of our brothers but then,

    Some people…Are better than others

    Some people

    Some people, are better than others




    C Jerry Velona 2009 All Rights Reserved

    Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 04:20 Lyrics Don't Mean Squat

    Don’t Mean Squat


    They say that virtue is it’s own reward

    I think there’s something to that

    But when it comes right down to it

    If you’re alone in the woods bein’ good, does anybody hear?

    Gotta’ have someone to love

    Sorry, Johnny Cochran but it fits like a glove

    Should I skip the feast?

    I ain’t no priest


    Cause I tell you what: it don’t mean squat

    If you wanna’ live  without a warm embrace,

    a lovestruck look on a pretty face

    Yeah, it won’t mean squat


    Nice goin’; you sealed the deal

    Bought a second condo and an automobile

    But when it comes right down to it

    Chasin’ gold gets old and what you buy is gone the day you die

    Yeah, you’re puttin’ in overtime

    Racing toward the finish but they pushin’ back the line

    You’re pretty slick; but you missed a trick


    Cause I tell you what:  the man who’s got

    A beautiful child to hold his hand

    Is enjoyin’ the view from a higher land…(looks good!)


    Never understood why it’s so good

    To keep real busy so the time will pass

    Y’know, time will pass fast anyway

    So you might as well enjoy today

    Gone tomorrow, like they say



    The thing about life, is it’s your chance to live

    Better stop your bitchin’ cause you get what you give

    But when it get’s right down to it

    If you’re reaching the end, you better hope you’ve got a real good friend

    The person who makes you grin

    Doesn’t really matter if your ship came in

    What’s it all about? There ain’t no doubt


    I tell you what:  it don’t mean squat

    Ain’t no good without someone to hold

    Who brings you the heat when life gets cold

    No it don’t mean squat


    It don’t mean nothin’


    When it comes right down to it

    You better make some love

    Or it don’t mean squat


    Hope you make lots of money

    So you can leave it to somebody.






    C 2008 Jerry Velona – All Rights Reserved

    Christopher Robin Music BMI

  • 02:29 The Last Paper Boy
  • 04:21 Lyrics End as a Man




    Young boy, growing up

    Frisky as a pup

    One day, you will end as a man


    Changing day by day

    Ready come what may

    Who knows what adventures you plan


    In the years to come, when the skies grow dim

    And the road seems dark and grim

    Never be dismayed,  face it unafraid

    Live up to the best you can


    Only then will you end as a man

    Only then will you end as a man



    Copyright Anthony Velona

    All Rights Reserved

  • 04:27 Lyrics Wedding Band Tan (Bonus Track)

    Wedding Band Tan         


    Jody understood, it wasn’t any good, she felt such pain

    Starin’ at the fire she was burned-out, fed up and lonely


    The man that she had wed, was playin’ her instead; so insane

    The nasty things he said, would smolder in her head real slowly


    So she took a plane to Rio on a rainy night

    Flipped off her ring, fixed her skirt real tight and said


    Look at my hand, I got a white band   

    In the middle of my lonely ring finger   

    Got a wedding band tan

    Been cold at homeand I’m deservin’ some fun

    Cause life’s too short to suffertill my time is done  

    I’m feelin’ goodtonite but my ring’s too tight

    I’ve got a wedding band tan

    Check out my tan, man    


    Jody kept her pride like a rainbow deep inside the pouring rain

    Clinging to his arm while his eyes would wander sideways


    But when your heart’s on ice and he betrays you twice, you just can’t stay, This girl’s takin a sunny, solo holiday




    Think I’ll  lie on the beach,  wait for a wave ‘cause

    A chance at real love is what I crave


    Look at my hand, I got a white band   

    In the middle of my little ring finger   

    Got a wedding band tan

    Been cold at home so now I’m gettin’ some sun

    It hurt real bad to say it but I told him we’re done

    I’m gonna’ dance tonite and my ring’s too tight

    I’ve got a wedding band tan

    Check out my tan, oh man    


    Music from the DJ makes a joyful noise

    Exhilaration;  I have made my choice

    “I do” means forever; that I believe

    But you can’t be a victim unless you choose to be


    Look at my hand, I got a white band   

    In the middle of my lonely ring finger   

    Got a wedding band tan

    Hey hey now, look at my hand, I got a white band   

    In the middle of my little ring finger   

    Got a wedding band tan

    I’m startin’ out tonite –oooo and the stars are so bright

    Uh-oh,  I’ve got a wedding band tan

    I’m gonna dance tonight



    Ad lib and out




    copyright 2008 Jerry Velona – All rights reserved

    Christopher Robin Music - BMI

Jerry Velona is Boston area singer/songwriter and musician. He attended Berklee College of Music and has been playing for years in clubs throughout Massachusetts and New England. “If anyone is doing a book about dives in the Boston area, see me for research”, he joked. Jerry has written and recorded dozens of original compositions which he has performed with his band Joint Venture. He won a Billboard songwriting award for his song Hip Hop No More. The song was part of an eponymous CD released in the late 90’s which received national airplay including heavy use in several episodes of MTV Cribs and on an HBO special. Jerry’s voice has been featured in commercials, a cartoon pilot and on the song “At Last (you’re there)”, from the documentary film, “Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown”. “The story of my life”, he cracked.

Random Emotion is the name of Jerry's first, full-length album. The lead track, Leave Me Alone, was released a year prior as a single and is also available through CD Baby. The CD contains 13 songs, 12 of which are original compositions and the other, End as a Man, was written by Jerry's uncle Anthony Velona who composed many songs in the 50's and 60's including Lollipops and Roses which has become a jazz/pop standard. "My Aunt Yole had the song in her files. It was beautifully hand-notated on ledger paper by my Uncle Tony", said Jerry. "She told me it had never been recorded and thought I might want to do something with it". Jerry came up with an arrangement fusing a jazzy hip-hop groove followed by a up-tempo samba section. He brought together an A-list band featuring Brad Hatfield on piano and Oscar Stagnaro on bass. Jerry also enlisted the considerable talents of family members; his uncle Ted Sommer on percussion and his cousin Kathy Sommer on synth. "I figured it was a family project and that seemed to be a natural way to go," he said.

The rest of the CD contains a wide variety of songs in a number of different styles. Starting off with the Stonesy rock of Leave Me Alone, leading to memphis-soul sounding Talk to the Ossifer. Later in the album there are two hard-rock tunes: Undercover Appetite and Post Dated, both mixed by legendary Boston guitarist David Minehan at his Woolly Mammoth studios in Waltham, MA. Minehan also mixed the song Some People. Throw in some bluesy, country songs like Miss Understood and Don't Mean Squat, an instrumental accoustic track - The Last Paper Boy, a classic New Orleans song - It's Just as Well, (which is kind of Professor Longhair meets Randy Newman) and a jazzy ballad Dream Girl and you have as eclectic a group of songs as you'll find by any artist on a single record. "You also have a marketers nightmare", laughed Velona. "People ask me what kind of music I do and I really can't tell them", he said. "I have always enjoyed and listened to lots of different kinds of music and am influenced by many styles and artists. The songs just come out in the style that I feel is best to put the musical and lyrical ideas across", he said.

Velona writes all his own lyrics as well as the music and some of the lyrics have a Libertarian/Conservative bent. Leave Me Alone is an ode to rugged individualism. Talk to the Ossifer deals with the problem of fatherless boys and Some People addresses the capacity for evil among "some people". Did he mean to write a political record? "Not really," he said. "The lyrics to those songs concern topics that are important to me. The challenge in writing songs like that is to do it in an artistic way that can resonate with anyone on a variety of levels and not sound preachy. I hope I accomplished that," he said.

The album features some of the finest musicians in the Boston area who back up many national and international acts. "I've played with alot of these guys over the years and we've become friends," said Velona. "They're such great players and it was a real treat to write the songs knowing that certain musicians would play the parts just right". Velona travelled to Nashville to record parts of two of the songs but the rest were recorded and mixed at Straight Up Music in his hometown of Arlington, MA.

Random Emotion is a trip through American music by a mature and confident artist.

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