by The Joint Venture Band

Released 2015
Karunabird Records
Released 2015
Karunabird Records
Playful and authentic Dixieland jazz.
  • 03:09 Lyrics Mozart



    Mozart my friend,

    It’s been a while since I saw you sittin’ pretty

    Nose in the air, fur everywhere

    Once a country bunny now you’re headin’ for the city


    Mozart you tend,

    To start your dancin’ from the time the sun is rising

    You make me smile, actin’ all wild and free


    Baby you’re up to your ears in style

    I’d sure love to tag along if you’ve got some time

    I’ve never met a body who was so much fun

     You big-footed, hay-chewin’ son of a gun


    Mozart, my friend,

    I’ve seen you hiding in the dark when you can find it

    Come out with me; maybe you’ll see

    No one’s out to get’cha; they’ll be happy just to pet’cha


    Mozart my friend

    So good to see you back and hoppin’ at the party

    We’ll prove ‘em wrong, Mozart my friend and me –



    ©2009 Jerry Velona All Rights Reserved

    Christopher Robin Music  BMI

Mozart is an original composition about our pet rabbit of the same name who gave us great pleasure during his (sadly) short life. It was written in particular for my daughter Nina and sung by her in the original demo. After playing it for several people, I was encouraged to put a professional vocal on the track and release it for the children's music market and lovers of authentic Dixieland jazz with a touch of whimsy.

The track features a collection of top Boston area musicians including Jesse Williams on bass, Billy Novick on clarinet, Tim Ray on piano, Marty Richards on drums and the superb vocals of Debbie Pierre. It also features legendary drummer and percussionist (and my uncle) Ted Sommer on percussion and sound effects.

I don't perform on this track but wrote and arranged the song as well as composed the lyrics. I'm hoping that some kids and their parents might enjoy the song and as a result become exposed to one of the classic styles in American music.

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