Dream Girl

Jerry Velona
Lyrics by Jerry Velona. Music by Jerry Velona with Larry Luddecke


I’m parked at the curb and she walks beside

Then runs up the stairs, just an urban passerby

Now she's gone and high above me

But I bet you she could love me

How do I know?

Wishful intuition


I think I’m in love; at least twice a day

Alone in the crowd and dreaming this way

When my ̓baby left it hurt me

But that feeling will desert me

How can I tell? 

My wishful intuition


If I could say what’s on my mind

They would accept my proposition

And baby I’d make that happen

If only I could shed this naked inhibition


Eating alone; you ask if I’m through

Taking my plates and my heart as you do

How did you know for certain

Just how badly I was hurtin’

Must have been, your wishful intuition

Now desert will follow dinner

Kinda’ thought that I could win her

Just my wishful intuition


© Jerry Velona – 2012 all rights reserved

Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona
Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen


Oh there’s nothing to be ashamed of                                                

If you stub your toe on the moon.                  
When the dream's at the top of the sky        
Well, you'll just have to jump pretty high     
But don't give up too soon, If you stub your toe on the moon                      

Now young Harry Hadgett loved making gadgets  
Life needs some new things was his claim
Hoped one or two things might bring fame
This is the last time you'll hear his name
Nobody mentions Harry's inventions
But do you think that got him down?
Here comes the end when there's gadgets to mend
He's the best repairman in town


So there's nothing to be ashamed of
If you stub your toe on the moon
When you start out to climb to a cloud
Well, it may get a laugh from the crowd
But don't give up too soon, If you stub your toe on the moon


Sweet Sally Springer, she was a singer
Lived in a hall room up one flight
Thought of the ballroom big and bright
Where she would make her debut some night
And then for her trouble, pop went the bubble
Say that it's sad, but wait, don't weep
Now they admit, every night she's a hit
When she sings her children to sleep


No, there's nothing to be ashamed of
If you stub your toe on the moon
Though it may be a blow to your pride
You're a hero because, well, you tried
So don't give up too soon
If you stub your toe on the moon
If you stub your toe on the moon


Van Huesen,Burke – Music Sales Corporation, Bourne Company

Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona
Jerry Velona
Music and Lyrics by JV


Dream Girl – sits on a swing

Howls at the moon – writes her own tune

Dying to be loved in her dream world


Small child – innocence squared

Talks to the trees – smiles at the breeze

Used to love to watch you, while you dreamed girl


Like a closed up tulip waiting for its moment

Buttoned down, aroused, trying not to show it

Dream girl, we’re two of a kind

Take my hand and we’ll walk the plank together


Lean girl, gave me the means

You were the one, at least that’s how it seemed

A lonely apparition in my day’s dream


Who knows what might be?

Maybe this time, I’ll find the perfect rhyme

A mother of invention to my dream world

We can dream together in the real world


Copyright Jerry Velona 2007  All Rights Reserved

Christopher Robin Music BMI

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