What's new? Wishful Intuition

Yes, that's the name of the tune, not a general statment of my natural optimism! 

"I think I'm in love, at least twice a day. Alone in the crowd, and dreaming this way". That's the first line of the second verse of my latest and it kind of sums up the mindset of the main character - just a guy with his eys on the prize(s) and a cockeyed optimism that ultimatly gets him what he wants.

The arrangement was done in a classic New Orleans style. I enlisted a talented array of players including Billy Novick on clarinet, Dave Harris on trombone and tuba and a rhythm section of Larry Luddecke on piano, Jesse Williams on bass and Zac Casher on drums. Kevin Belz will add a guitar part in another week or so.

The song is being recorded at Q Division in Somerville with Pat DiCenso at the board.  I'll be posting a rough mix as soon as we finish the recording; sometime by the end of the month.

My hope is that the song with sound like Hoagy Carmichael meets Fats Waller with Dr. John and Randy Newman thrown in for good measure(s). Let me know what you think when I get the rough mix out there.




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