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Greetings from snowy Boston!  Happy New Year and I hope everyone is moving smartly into 2015.  I'm curious what the statute of limitations might be for wishing Happy New Year. I'm guessing you don't do it once January is over so I'm rushing to get this blog published lest I be found guilty of excessive Holiday greeting or some such nonsense.

Love Radio has been released for a few months now and is starting to get some notice.

Just got this nice capsule review from Steve Morse who was a staff music critic at the Boston Globe for many years and now teaches a course at Rock History at Berklee:

"Jerry Velona is a superb craftsman. He shows a striking versatility on his new album by moving easily from energized rock covers of the Long Ryders and Robbie Robertson to original songs with a Southern-style Memphis grit. The variety is entirely believable as Velona teams up with an all-star cast of Boston musicians such as Duke Levine, Billy Loosigian, and David Minehan. This is music for music's sake -- and Velona's honest spirit is refreshing and blissfully indifferent to trends."

My song Just Don't Feel Like Christmas enjoyed a nice run of airplay on a whole bunch of stations in the US, Europe, and as far away as Russia, South Africa and Australia.  I received an e mail from Serge Tikhanoff who broadcasts at Radio Penguin in Siberia (no joke). He asked me for a copy of the CD and said "I think you will agree that living in Siberia, even in such large and quickly developing city as Novosibirsk, it is so hard to watch most interesting and important events in contemporary music scene."  He signed the e mail "Snowy Yours".  Now really, how could I not send this guy a CD?  It cost twenty-six bucks to mail it to Siberia but he got it and said he loved our version of Lewis and Clark.

Patty Patrick, based out of Radio RSF1 in Austria also programs for a network of over 5,000 stations that broadcast all over Europe, the southern US and New Zealand has become a fan of the record. She played the Christmas song as well as When I Wake Up and I just got word this week that she's starting to spin Our Own Devices.  I recorded a promotional liner for her to use on-air and she sent me a note saying, "Oh you are so sweet, Jerry Velona.  Sounds so good, danke-danke-danke. Send me some more songs from you, please-bitte-bitte. You make me smile. I love artists, who make me smile."  I smile every time I read it!

Also getting some nice feedback from Roberto Rossi who does a very cool show called Mystery Train on Radio PNR, a public radio station in northern Italy. He really likes the album and has played the Christmas song, When I Wake Up and also Baby Whatcha' Got (for me) which you can hear here at around 20 minutes into the show. He goes on and on about the record in Italian so if anyone can translate I'd appreciate it.  I hear "bellisima" every so often so I'm thinking it's all good!

Brian Owens who edits and publishes Metronome Magazine out of Billerica, Mass has liked my last three records and has been very complimentary and supportive over the years.  Love Radio was listed as one of the Top 5 albums for January in Metronome. Some excerpts from the review:

"Jerry Velona always manages to reinvent himself from album to album...but in his latest offering Love Radio, Velona rocks out with a vicious...sentiment that's reminiscent of well-produced 70's/80's radio rock...JV hits it way, way out of Fenway on Love Radio."

I'm hoping for a few more reviews in the upcoming months (fingers crossed) and also am putting a band together to play a bunch of my originals along with a bunch of cool covers.  Hopefully you can come check that out when we are ready and have a gig lined up.

Lastly, I'll be doing a live performance and interview on with Mike Stewart on WMFO - 91.5 (Tufts University Radio). The date is Saturday, February 7th at approximately 1:00 PMBilly Loosigian and Richard Gates will join me to do acoustic versions of a few of the songs from Love Radio and I may debut a new tune that I composed for my birthday recently - something about being a sexagenarian or something.  I hope you can tune in for a bit.

Oh, one more thing: please check out the video we put together for Looking for Lewis and Clark which was produced and directed by the very talented Sara Doering (aka Xavery Robin). We've got just over 500 hits and I'm trying to build on that so please feel free to post it on your social media and spread it around to friends and anyone you think might enjoy it. We had a lot of fun making it and I think it came out great. Sid Griffin of the Long Ryders who composed the tune said of our version: 

“Jerry Velona once again proves his musical worth in a balls-to-the-wall cover version of the Long Ryders’ ‘Looking For Lewis & Clark’, a pounding yet melodic take which begs the question: where are the great and fearless leaders of the present day? Velona’s committed vocal and approach to the lyric may not provide a complete set of answers but oh Mercy, they frame the question so very, very well.”  S Griffin

More later!

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