Little Loaded

No, this isn't a status update, although I did have some really nice wine with dinner; love that Petit Shiraz!

Anyway, the latest 2 song CD entitled Little Loaded is now available everywhere. I just checked and it's for sale on Amazon Japan, and no, it's not listed as Rittle Roaded, that would be so wrong!

You might ask, "Jerry, why only two songs?". Well sunshine, it's because:

A. It's easier to market that way - I can target it more specifically to the stations and media that like that style of tune; in this case country/rock (I guess, it's hard to figure sometimes)

B. It took a while to get these tunes sounding just right and I didn't feel like waiting another year or so to release an album with more tunes

There, you happy now?

So, I'm heavy into promoting and getting it out there to media and radio. Just checked tonight and saw that the Pipeline Show on WMBR in Boston played it on Tuesday night. (Many thanks to DJ Jeff Breeze! That's a great name isn't it? Lots of possibilities there).

Also, I'll be premiering the tunes at a CD release party at Sally O Briens in Somerville on Sunday, November 13th at 8:00 PM. I'll have a fantastic band including Larry Luddecke, Anthony Vitti, Marty Richards and Tony Sarno along with some special guests coming by. We might be filming and doing a live webcast so it should be a real party, not just something that's called a party to make it sound like a party.

It would mean alot to me to have you and all your friends and family there. More details to come!

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