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Happy Autumn everyone and greetings to you all!  Had a nice summer including a great last week of August bike-riding, paddle boarding and prowling the So Cal beaches.

I've been working on a bunch of new material for an upcoming release. Brought in a stellar rhythm section to Q Division studios back in May and recorded basics for four tunes.  We just finished one of them: my ode to non-digital fun entitled Our Own Devices. You can check out the tune by going to my home page and clicking on Songs.

Players on the tune are Kevin Belz, Dave Limina, Marty Richards, Anthony Vitti, Phil Grenadier, Gordon Beadle, Bertram Lehman and Debbie Pierre on the background vocals. Engineered by Sean Cahalin and Steve Flynn. The mix was done by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra studios. Bill (The Master) Bromfield did the mastering.

On the rock side of things I've also been working more with dangerous David Minehan at his Woolly Mammoth studio. (David's currently playing with the Replacements on tour. How cool is that?) I'm playing drums on the Woolly sessions which is a blast as is working with David, Billy Loosigian and my pal and cyclist/beast Richard Gates. Also brought in Debbie to sing a bit on one tune.  She's graduating Berklee this year and is an impressive talent.  

Lastly but not leastly, I wrote new lyrics to the great old tune Sea Cruise which became “Koji On The Mound”. It’s been getting played regularly on WEEI and elsewhere and is being considered at Fenway and NESN for use in the post season broadcasts. I just did an interview for a Japanese newspaper which should be out shortly. We recorded the tune in a few hours at Straight Up Music in Arlington. My good friend Larry Luddecke engineered and mixed and played piano on the track as well. Other fellow Sox fanatics Paul Ahlstrand, Paul Lenart and Anthony Vitti contributed their time and talents to the project. My world-travelling. video producing son Chris (  had a rare free night and banged out the video which has gotten over 1,300 hits this far. Check it out here.

Please feel free to spread the links around if you are so inclined.

Always great to hear from you if you have a minute and hope to see you all again soon!


Jerry Velona January 15, 2014 @04:56 pm

Hi Art, Thanks for the comment. Sent you an e mail with info.

Art Alm January 15, 2014 @09:00 am

hi jerry, my 10 year old son, kumalo, is a baseball nut, a red sox fan, and a singer and piano player. naturally, "koji on the mound" is a huge hit in our house; he is singing and playing it all the time. thanks for the song! recently he was listening to the recording and it sounded like you were singing "big papi's.... hitting all the races?" , where we thought the line was "hittin all the bases", which made sense. anyway, would you be so kind as to send a copy of the lyrics? i couldn't find them on line. keep swingin' art alm

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