Cleaning out the musical attic

A few thoughts while thinking about the passing of Davy Jones:

  • Valerie was an underrated Monkees tune. The guitar riff in the intro was impressive. I wonder if Mike Nesmith actually played or if it was done by some LA studio ace. Me and my grade school musician buddies were in awe.


  • My daughter Nina is into American Idol. I was watching a little with her and Steven Tyler actually started tearing up during a very mediocre a cappella performance by one of the contestants. I know getting older can make you sentimental and we're in the new sensitive-guy age but, come on Steven; you sing Walk This Way remember?


  • I think one of the criteria to being selected to play on Saturday Night Live is that you not rock.


  • Satellite has saved radio. Two of my favorite stations are Outlaw Country and Little Steven's Underground Garage. I can't get enough.


  • Speaking of Little Steven; has that guy had great second act or what?  First the Sopranos and then starting one of the great rock radio stations on the air today (and doing a fantastic job as a DJ) and lately starring in a TV show streaming on Netflix called Lillehammer which is excellent.


  • My three favorite stations to stream while I work are KJazz in Long Beach, WFUV in New York and the mighty WMBR in Cambridge.


  • John Funke who does the Backwoods show on WMBR Saturdays at 10:00 AM is the funniest guy on the dial.


  • Springsteen has written and performed some great songs: Adam Raised a Cain, It's Hard to be a Saint in the City and Tunnel of Love are a few of my favorites. But his political shtick has completely turned me off.


Oh well, signing off for now. Feel free to tell me how full of crap I am.


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